OBD is short form of ON BOARD DIAGNOSTICS. OBD helps us to find vehicle’s faults,problems and operations.As we are well aware that a car has multiple components,so with help of this technology we can detect any problem arising from its body.It actually works on GPS technology for real time tracking of the vehicles.It provides us the instantaneous speed and location data.


GPS tracking uses a network of satellites to determine the location of a device that was specifically designed for that purpose.GPS tracker uses a process called trilateration to determine its physical location based on its distance from three GPS satellites. This is the same technology That is used by your car navigation system.


The main purpose of OBD is to

secure our vehicles

track our vehicles

being aware about malfunctions



THINKRACE TECHNOLOGY is working in the field of GPS devices manufacturing since its inception.It has a decade long experience. OBD tracker is one of best device THINKRACE manufactures.Their technical proficiency makes their products best on each and every scales. ThinkRace Technology manufactures OBD II GPS Car Tracker, which is an ideal, real-time GPS tracking device.

obd tracker

What makes it different-

its plug and play device,means there is no need of cutting wires

no need of technicians

no extra modification needed

compatible with 95% of cars worldwide

OEM/ODM services

customize app and application development

technical support

and excellent after sale services



Features of our OBD PRODUCTS-

1)Real time location trackingIt helps the user to locate their car in a real time anywhere and anytime.It uses the GPS technology to locate the vehicles.The user can access the location on web/mobile platform.

2)Mileage and Fuel Consumption Analysis-The biggest share of the expenses for any individual driver or logistics company is the money spent on fuel. Managing fuel consumption is definitely the most important cost-cutting procedure for any individual or company. Our OBD Trackers provide reports on fuel consumption containing important parameters like amount of fuel spent due to idling, over speeding, non-economic driving etc. With fuel consumption reports from our OBD Trackers increase Fuel Efficiency and Mileage by up to 18%.

3)Driver Behaviour Analysis-If we are sitting in a vehicle then we can guide the driver and they used to drive accordingly but in case of fleet management it could be a big factor,because the life of vehicle is depend upon the person who used to drive that vehicle.Our OBD Tracker record unsafe driving habits such as sudden acceleration, harsh braking, prolonged idling, deviation from route plan etc. Owners can easily track their drivers and vehicles right from their smartphone or PC.

4)Vehicle Health Monitoring-With help of OBD tracker,we can diagnose the vehicles faults or malfunctions occuring in their parts.We can easily identify the cause and can rectify it as soon as possible.It generates fault code if their are any faults in their body parts.It has different codes for different parts whether it is in  power unit, intake manifold, cooling system, exhaust manifold, ignition system, battery etc. It also informs the driver about engine issues and breakdown issues as well.

5) OTA Upgrade Support-Our OBD trackers are capable of automatic upgarde to latest updates in technology with help of OTA capable devices.It can download on air.No need to go anywhere.Updates and quick bug fixes are quickly available for users.

6)Multi-Alarm System-Multi- alarm system is an important security feature for any vehicle. The feature consists of low battery alarm, removal alarm, displacement alarm, vibration alarm, over speed alarm, Geo-Fence alarm, engine alerts etc. Such a feature ensures users are never really that far from their car by alerting them through the mobile tracking app.It’s of great use to users.

7)Hardware & Software Support Services-Our R &D team and dedicated manufacturing department provides complete hardware & software support services to industries and businesses. We deliver open APIs with customizable tracking platforms. Our software team assists our clients in making any changes to the mobile tracking app or web tracking platform and customizes it according to their needs and requirements. In addition, our OBD GPS tracking devices are backed by Amazon Web Services to ensure premium cloud services with a pan-continent presence.

ThinkRace has partners from all over the world.Which further substantiate our claims of leading this industry.


OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

OBD2 Car Tracker is the best GPS for car.

OBD GPS Tracker VT200B

OBD GPS Tracker VT200B

OBD2 GPS Tracker For Vehicle Tracking

4G OBD WiFi GPS Tracker VT400

4G OBD WiFi GPS Tracker VT400

4G OBD2 WiFi GPS Tracker For Vehicle Tracking

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