How to create your own happiness and why it is necessary…

Yeah, it is right that we create our own happiness or unhappiness. It totally depends on us, whether what we really want in our life-happiness or sadness. When we look at a child we can see they used to be happy in all the circumstances, even if they are sad they can’t be in that state for long.

In our life we have some real difficulties, it is a part of everybody’s lives. But we add some extra worries to it by thinking negative, worrying about something worse going to happen, they are not getting what they deserve kind of things. It fuels the negativity around us. If we include hate, fear and worry in our thought process then it ultimately results in unhappiness.

We can develop a habit of happiness. Surely we can not cultivate it within a couple of days or weeks. It’s a continuous process. We have to practice it and have to convince our mind to follow this discipline. So each day when you arise in the morning think about the things which make you happy. Drop this thought in your conscious mind to make it a habit. Whenever some negative thought tries to make their place in your mind, discharge it as soon as possible. Believe and say to yourself that today is going to be a great day. You are going to get all things done, whatever you are expecting. Don’t ever doubt about the day that it will be productive or not. Visualize good output while starting your day.

For happiness, you have to keep your heart free from hatred, have to remove worry from your brain, cooperate peoples and treat people with love. Help people without expecting anything in return. Practice these steps, you will surely feel the difference.

You have to think positive and make it dissolve in our consciousness as told by Norman Vincent Peale in his book “The Power of Positive Thinking” that we should have assertive positive thoughts in our brain.

We should also practice praying to God because it could be a big source of infinite power. We should let off the things which are beyond our control. We should focus on the things which we have not what we don’t have. We should count our blessings. You can create your own happiness once you start implementing all the above-given methods which are practically effective to a large extent.

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