How to stay calm in the state of anger…Here is the Answer.

Here is the answer to the question “How to stay calm in the state of anger?”

Have you ever experienced that when somebody treats you in a wrong manner and you start dwelling that incident in your mind and become more stressed, and after some moment you change your thought pattern into a positive one and you start feeling good. It is totally a game of your thoughts. You can either think positive and can stop any incident from setting complex or accelerate negative thoughts about that particular incident and suffer. You can react to the peoples, incidents in three manners mainly positive, negative and neutral. Being neutral is somewhat tough but not impossible. It needs practice and on the way to be neutral about the circumstances we have to first practice thinking positive.

Thinking positive can solve your problem to a great extent. The sudden change in your behaviour when we expose to the things we don’t expect can be solved through this thought pattern. We can start feeling comfortable in the conditions we were trying to avert. So first thing is that we have to make a commitment to ourselves that we should not have to react promptly in the state of anger. Anger stops us from using our brain effectively. We have to take a moment then replace these thoughts with a positive one then react with love, it will not only soothe the person in front of us but also ourselves.

If we are promptly attacking the person and trying to assassinate his/her character then it can give quick relief to us at that very moment but later you are going to regret that incident. So what you have to do to avoid that moment of guilt is to be careful of our actions and statements. When we stop for a moment to think before quickly replying we give our mind sometimes to think properly and it also stops the domination of that quick emotion over your words.

So next time whenever you are feeling like breaking down in unexpected circumstances just wait for a second before responding. With little love in your words, you can turn your opponent into friends for a lifetime. Just don’t give your brain authority to make matters worse. Instead, overpower your quick thought/emotion which can harm you in a long run. Enjoy life. Live it to the fullest.

Why should you stop worrying about little things?

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